What is Refurbished?

All Refurbished products sold by Excel Hi-Fi include a limited manufacturer's warranty period and can be serviced by any authorised service centre in Australia.  Excel Hi-Fi always strive to offer the best possible after sales service as we can so feel free to contact us if need be.


The name "refurbished" is something of a misnomer. Typically, they're products returned to the manufacturer, for any number of reasons.


Such products can no longer be sold as ‘new’ and can only be sold as refurbished.  An item being classed as "refurbished" does not mean it's second hand or used.


Products are thoroughly inspected and stringently tested by authorised service agents to make sure they're in tip-top shape and in as new working order.  This offers consumers great savings without compromising quality.


Examples of Refurbished products includes:

  • Items where the box/packaging or casing was damaged in shipment - items are inspected and tested before being repackaged.  May not be in original packaging.
  • The item was returned to the manufacturer because of slight defect.
  • Products that have had defective parts have been replaced with original manfacturer parts.  These products are inspected, tested and then repackaged.
  • Products that have been returned because of minor cosmetic imperfections on the casing.
  • Demonstration and trial equipment - New products that have been made obsolete or are overstocked and sold at discounted prices to make room for newer lines.
  • Factory Loan Equipment - Products that have been used for pirposes such as trade shows, customer events or solutions centers and have been returned to manufacturer.
  • Products that have the box and packaging opened but the product has not been removed.


It is impossible to know the history of each individual item, but for whatever reason the unit gets labeled refurbished it is inspected & serviced by the manufacturer then tested and repackaged to meet original product specifications - Excel Hi-Fi do every thing possible to make sure this is of an utmost standard.