Oridinary speakers are not large and robust enough to handle low frequency effects such as explosions and thunder in movies.  This is where the subwoofer comes into play.  By outputting bass sounds with high power and low distortion, it delivers a full-range audio experience and also ensures that the overall sound is rich and properly balanced.


Cabasse MT32 Orion Subwoofer
$1,499.00   $999.00
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The dynamic capacities and efficiency of the Orion MT32 subwoofer bring to the bass the same width and control the other MT32 speakers bring to the main channels. The acoustic fusion of the woofer is perfect; the extension to the extreme bass enhances the soundstage without colouration or veil.

Kube-1 Powered Subwoofer *NEW*
$749.00   $699.00
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A compact and yet high performing subwoofer, the KUBE-1 provides a powerful and precise bass whether for the latest action packed blockbuster or the rhythmic sounds of that favourite CD.

YST-RSW300 *Refurbished*
$899.00   $399.00

Advanced YST


High performance subwoofer with Yamaha's latest technologies, including PWM Digital Drive Amplifier, Advanced YST II, Linear Port and front-firing design resulting in dynamic power of 270W and incredible sound clarity.