Authorised Dealer


Purchasing from an Authorised Dealer means you are purchasing more than just a great product, you are purchasing peace of mind.  This ensures you, the customer, are being sold genuine products from dealers that understand those products. 



The clear benefits of purchasing from an Authorised Dealer are you can be assured that:

  • The product is a genuine product of that particular brand
  • The product is designed for the Australian market, complying with Australian standards and Australian safety regulations (correct volatge etc.)
  • The product is covered by warranty as well as consumer guarantees and other protections provided under the Australian Consumer Law
  • You will receive before and after sales assistance


If you do not purchase from an Authorised Dealer, there are significant risks which could occur:

  • The product may not be genuine
  • The sale and company may not be genuine
  • The product may not be designed to Australian standards and safety regulations
  • Overseas models have different features, so the product you buy may not work in Australia
  • Grey Imports - not covered by Australia Warranty
  • Have difficulties when it comes to exchanging or refunds if you do run into difficulties


When shopping with Excel Hi-Fi you can purchase with the peace of mind that you are receiving all of the benefits highlighted above and avoid the potential risks.

If you have any concerns regarding any purchase please do not hesitate to contact the team at Excel Hi-Fi (03) 9702 3399