Profile HDMI Cable
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HDMI High Speed with EthernetLow Jitter3D & 4K CompatibleeFlex Cordage

A compact cable range designed to complement today's slim TVs and media devices.

Connect your Laptop, DVD player or Blu-ray to your HDTV. Profile HDMI isspecially designed to fit into confinedspaces between the TV and the wall andfor compact portable devices. 

Connect your HDMI equipped Blu-Ray / DVD Player, Games Console, Laptop or Digital Box or HDMI equipped AV Amplifier, LCD TV or Receiver.


Profile Series 42 Strand Speaker Cable (per metre)
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An entry-level speaker cable that combines convenience and performance.

Profile Series 79 Strand Speaker Cable (per metre)

Only QED 79 Strand cable gives you amazing performance combined with convenience to cope with  the most demanding placement situations.

Profile Subwoofer Cable 3m

The high performance ultra compact and flexible profile subwoofer cable delivers sound to your subwoofer from your amp or receiver.

uPlay Plus - Bluetooth Receiver
$199.00   $179.00

Connect your Android, iPod, iPhone, or other Bluetooth enabled device such as a phone, PDA, computer or iPad to your Hi-fi system or other audio device using the uPlay Plus.


Wharfedale speaker stands - ST1

Solidly Built Wharfedale WH-ST1 Speaker Stands Deliver Improved Soundstages, Sharper Details, Focused Images: Tailor-Made for Wharfedale Diamond 200 Series Loudspeakers